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Nice little game =D Managed to score the current first place with 195!

I liked :
- Classic gameplay that is a good choice for a scoring game
- Graphics are cute
- Music that although being a bit repetitive, doesn't gets to your head too much
- Good implementation of the theme as a causality principle, that wasn't easy =)

If I have to find improvable things, I'd say :
- The colision with the bottom of the platforms killed me more than once. I'd expect them to be solid only when falling on them from above
- How far you'll go depends a bit too much on the luck you have with the level generation. Too much platforms to the right of each other and to much duck spawning on their left? You're dead. A wise man once said me "procedural generation is a replacement for game designing. A good procedural generation should take as good decision as would a good game designer" =)
- The game could use a overall polishing. Using default fonts to write text as in the leaderboard often give a feeling of quickly-made (not that is isn't normal for a 72h gamejam, but it can be fought)


Thanks a lot for your feedback. I had to rush the leaderboard system because I realised that it was a requirement on the third day of the jam.  Nice score too! I will certainly try to beat it :)