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It’s so goooood.

Literally does everything right. Great level design, fun exploration, great upgrades. Thoroughly enjoyed start to finish and is my favorite of your Metroidvanias (and I love the other ones too)

It blows my mind you got this done in a month!

I think I say it everytime, but here’s another request to make a large scale Metroidvania. I know you have your reasons not to, but I just know how fun it would be and I would buy day one.

My only feedback - on controller it seems there is no way to scroll the map? I had to teleport around to view other areas on the map. Also would be nice to aim diagonally!

Thank you so much for the kind words! :D

You should be able to scroll the map as you move your cursor using the left stick or D-pad. Does it not work on your side? :o

I do have a list of stuff I want to add to the game after the jam, including aiming up. A lot of tweaks and general improvements, also. A month is still pretty short, haha!

For a larger scale metroidvania, it's something I'm trying to move toward, bit by bit. Not a Steam commercial release, but a longer game that feels more fleshed out, at least. My current plan for The Fireseeker was to release a 1.0 of a similar scope but then extend it with regular updates. But I will probably take a temporary break from metroidvanias to make another Zelda-like first :)