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amazing. so simple but so masterful

Well I ended up using porting kit but it errored saying master wine skin is corrupted and I couldn’t fix it :/ looks like I wasted my money. And idk I just don’t understand the steps you listed 

hey! Im a bit confused by your directions, could you expand them for a total nooooob

will u make a mac version? plzzz

You should make a kickstarter! I’d totally pay my support ahead of time if it helped make it happen!

Any update? This is honestly in my top 5 point and click games ever and I would love to play a full fledged one from y’all 

Wow. I was bawling at the second question. So beautifully done and so genuine.  I've recommended this to my friends. It just may have changed my life. Thank you for this gift, I did not expect it. 

I loved the atmosphere, it totally sucked me in. Only feedback would be to make it a little more linear. It's cool having the separate endings, but then the content is spread out so every time feels like a short experience. I always wanted it to last longer.