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lol I got to like the first room. Ya it’s not an exaggeration to say it’s brutal

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oh man so high quality! Every little detail is just great. BRUTALLY difficult though, I kinda gave up near the start of biome 2. Just died over and over and over. So only feedback is to make it a bit easier, would’ve loved to see the rest

I can wait a week or even more! No rush 

map coming soon? Main thing I am waiting for :)

any way you can upload a rom version in its current state?

sooooo good! One of the best mini mvs I’ve played on here in a while!

is it a Metroidvania or does it have levels?

it is pretty fun! I think the movement physics feel a little unruly, especially the way you can slide a little after jumping on to a platform.

also hit boxes need refinement. If I jumped just next to spikes (and not on them at all) it would kill me

I enjoyed it! I couldn’t find a proper ending, but considered it done after finding all upgrades. 

Obviously, it’s very paired down - would have liked a map, environmental art, better animation, bosses, etc. but it still scratched the Metroidvania itch for me!

plz upload windows version!

can you post a download version for windows?

thank you!

can you please post a downloadable windows version?

yeah makes total sense! Well I absolutely wishlisted and can't wait for updates

Great job! Movement feels great. Lots of polish already. Unique idea and I can totally see the potential for the full game.

Some puzzles definitely went over my head, but I’m sure in a full length game I will be able to learn and recognize each ability and its use when I can adjust at a slower pace.

I guess some more tutorials / learning would be appreciated (like that puzzle labeled “optional” - no idea where to start.)

can you post a windows downloadable version?

hello - I had a question. For end game completion, is there an item that can help you figure out where things are missing? Or a map upgrade? 

I watched a let’s play and the way the map loops around makes me feel disoriented and it looks TOUGH to 100%

aiming up was my only feedback on an otherwise spotless game (imo)

its just a few rooms right? I was fully invested and loving it but seems I can't leave :( Great job so far!

So you were able to get it??

I did post a question on steam community when you get a chance… little stuck on 1 pumpkin

just picked up 1 and 2! so fun

I was reallllly enjoying it, but this jump to the platform seems impossible. Is it just me? I hit the ceiling 100% of the time (yes I’m just barely tapping the jump button), fall to the spikes below and die. What am I missing?

Please do add a map!!!

really dug the art style and atmosphere. Would love to have a map!

hey great job! Really enjoyed it. Nice level design, music, use of the color theme. 

My only feedback - on the map, have a fog of war mechanic. Instead of revealing everything, only show the area you’ve actually walked into. Or somehow differentiate it so you can know “I haven’t been here”

not that the game was difficult, I just think it makes exploration more fun. 

wow amazing job! Easily one of my top contenders for the jam. Feels very polished in movement, level design, art and sound. Would love to see this expanded

I got the same bug as the other commenter, and have attached a photo of the crash error 

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It’s so goooood.

Literally does everything right. Great level design, fun exploration, great upgrades. Thoroughly enjoyed start to finish and is my favorite of your Metroidvanias (and I love the other ones too)

It blows my mind you got this done in a month!

I think I say it everytime, but here’s another request to make a large scale Metroidvania. I know you have your reasons not to, but I just know how fun it would be and I would buy day one.

My only feedback - on controller it seems there is no way to scroll the map? I had to teleport around to view other areas on the map. Also would be nice to aim diagonally!

thank you! No I just prefer not to play on the web :) can’t wait to check it out

PLEASE post a downloadable windows version

christmas came early!

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I love it! Great art style, fun gameplay. 

one bug- I beat the flying eyeball boss and then ran to the left to save/heal. When I came back the boss appeared again - I guess it didn’t register that I beat it?

edit - didn’t realize that was the end haha. I guess it doesn’t matter. Would love to see more!!

oh is it not working? Can’t start the game with keyboard or controller :/ downloaded it yesterday 

did you delete the windows version?

seems like it will be a really fun game. I hit some issues though

- in the room where you first have to hit spikes to get higher, I exited the top right and it just clipped me out of the world. I started falling in empty space and couldn’t get back, had to restart the whole game . Isn’t this where the exit is anyways though?

- in the same room, I tried exiting top left and it clipped me into the left room. It took 10 seconds before I could leave

can you post a windows downloadable version pleaseee

this is very very fun. The movement feels good, level design is great, and I instantly felt hooked to the game!

please keep going with it! Tons of promise

heres a little feedback

- please add a map! Feels like I’m missing an arm not having a map in a Metroidvania lol

- allow animation cancelling with the slash attack. Ie, allow spamming attacks a little faster, it pauses a lot between hits with makes combat hard and feel a little bit frustrating. Would really improve the combat feel I think!

- make it more obvious which platforms are solid and cause collision vs ones you can pass through. That was the only pain point with exploration, it was hard to know what my options were in a given room

Thanks, I will keep my eyes peeled on this project!

can you post a windows downloadable version?