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> How am I going to build like before ? 

Build what like before, exactly? The only thing that has been removed is instant build times. Line placement, area removal, and selection movement are all there, albeit without 8 different buttons to activate each one. Otherwise, you have every single building feature from 3.5, as well as some others added on top (e.g. diagonal placement).

> Why are the ores generated like this, we can't use it all now that the drills are 2 times bigger. 

This isn't true. Unless your ores are right next to a jagged cliff, you are guaranteed to be able to use more of it, not less. Try getting every ore in a 4x4 ore patch in 3.5.

> Where did the cool cubism from before.

It's still in the settings if you want it. Enable pixelation.

 > Man I enjoyed building but now everything is killjoy.

You're going to have to be more specific.

> And why must we be a useless flying ship.

How is being a ship that can shoot and fly over structures any more useless than being absolutely nothing? Unless you're panning back and forth at ridiculous speeds, build range and speed shouldn't be a problem.

> Why must we take the ressources manually ?

What makes you think you have to take resources manually? It's only there if you want to use it.

If you don't like this version, just play Classic.

well there's more things to do in this versions it's just too much change at the same time

sorry for panicking before but man it's so different

is there a way to see our ressources like before with numbers and all.