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is there a way to see our ressources like before with numbers and all.

well there's more things to do in this versions it's just too much change at the same time

sorry for panicking before but man it's so different

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Why did you change everything -_- ? How am I going to build like before ? Why are the ores generated like this, we can't use it all now that the drills are 2 times bigger. Where did the cool cubism from before, man I enjoyed building but now everything is killjoy. And why must we be a useless flying ship, why must we take the ressources manually ?

Well I'm saying this but this is a great upgrade for the game it just that there's no explanation on everything, plus I'm sure that on PC it would give a better feeling

So only by looking at the names in chars and crossing with the select menu :

select menu : 49 empty out of 120 chars places -> 71 chars displayed

in the folder : 71 chars folders

but a difference : folder : g-makagi | no !universe

            Select menu : no g-makagi | !universe

(maybe it's the same character but idk)

I'm sorry but i don't know all chars who are on your screenshot so i can't tell you who are missing

as for the datas inside of the chars folders i don't know how mugen works so i can't help you for that neither sorry.

No changes on my side (when I download chars 3 it download 694 Mo but when extracting 5 Mo and it's only Lt_Shermie).

Wait a bit I'm going to look at all datas

Thanks you rock

(Sorry for being a bit aggressive in my previous message, not that i thought that I did something wrong but I spend a evening at downloading the files again and again, moving some folders. I was a bit upset a the end. Sorry again for taking your time)

I think there is a problem with chars 3 (when opening it, only Lt_Shermie chars datas). And Almost half aren't playables please fix it (I'm not a idiot i did like you asked to do).