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Hey MyCasualGaming,

Thanks for writing! Glad you enjoy the game. 

  • How to add more troops to your party: Your party size has a limit, this limit depends on the hero level. At level 1 you have 2 slots unlocked, so you can have your hero and 1 more unit, at level 2 a third slot gets unlocked,  next one at level 5, then 8, then last one at level 11. Here's a helpful table:

Hero LevelTroop Slots
  •  Class system. There used to be fewer classes and male/female used to be purely cosmetic. We wanted to add more variety into the game, but didn't want to spend time to create a lot of additional art, so we decided to specialize male and female versions into separate sub-classes that function similarly, but have strong distinction. The "hashtags" are just there for help the player, if a unit has a tag "tank" - it doesn't change how the unit plays. This information is also used by the "Army Generator" system inside the game to decide how to arrange units and which units to create. For a player the tag is just a visual thing. A female archer has a little more health, a little more armor and a little more absorption than the male archer, so she can survive better, especially later on in the game. 

  • Progress Save. Currently the progress gets saved automatically every turn, when you come back to the game - you can continue. The progress is saved in your browser, so if you load the game on a different computer or a different browser - you won't have access to that save data. Also, if you clear your browsing data - that can delete the saved data too, lastly - if you're in "incognito" mode, that data gets deleted by the browser automatically once you close the window. Other than that, game save should work. Let me know if you have any issues!

hope that helps :)


Hello Lazy Cat,

thank you warmly for your detailed response, it helped me a lot!

Thanks to your table was I able to extend the party up to four members so far and man, your game becomes even more enjoyable as it progresses. Unfortunately, my progress never gets saved. May I ask you against what browsers you tested your game. I use Firefox and checking website-date it only shows me one cookie from your site but no "offline-data".

With best regards,


Hey @MyCasualGaming,

Sorry to hear that the progress is not being saved for you!  I will look into it. I am testing my game against Chrome and Firefox, so I haven't encountered this issue yet. Can you tell me which version of Firefox you're using? Also, It would help me to know your Operating System, like Windows, Linux, Android, iOS etc. If you can also share your console log with me, it would help even more! :)

To get access to the console, it's quite easy on Firefox, just press F12 on the keyboard, you will see a bunch of tabs there, one of them is called "Console":

You can copy the console log to and copy the link to the bin here or send it to me via a private message.

The save data is stored in something called IndexedDB, it's not the same as a cookie. It's a more modern kind of browser storage, and it's super fast compared to other options, that's why I'm using it.



Hello Lazy,

I am using Firefox 68 on Windows 8.1 64bit. I already saw the problem by reading the console log - I was blocking third-party cookies previously; after allow everything is working fine.

Sorry for making you trouble! If you are still interested, you will find the console-log here

With best regards,


No problem, I'm glad the issue is resolved! :)