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A member registered Aug 18, 2019

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Login to the server not possible!

Pointless download!

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Hello Lazy,

I am glad to hear from you and thank you for the password!

Good luck for your steam release, I will buy and review the game as soon as its available!

Have a nice day.

Hello, did something bad happened with your game? Or maybe an update just uploads?
It's unavailable to me since I came back this day!

Hello Lazy,

I am using Firefox 68 on Windows 8.1 64bit. I already saw the problem by reading the console log - I was blocking third-party cookies previously; after allow everything is working fine.

Sorry for making you trouble! If you are still interested, you will find the console-log here

With best regards,


Hello Lazy Cat,

thank you warmly for your detailed response, it helped me a lot!

Thanks to your table was I able to extend the party up to four members so far and man, your game becomes even more enjoyable as it progresses. Unfortunately, my progress never gets saved. May I ask you against what browsers you tested your game. I use Firefox and checking website-date it only shows me one cookie from your site but no "offline-data".

With best regards,


Hello Lazy and thank you for your gem!

I really enjoy your game and had some pretty hours in it.

The graphics shines, the combat is simple but fun and the skill tree keeps me motivating to progress. All in all one great game.

Only two problems: First, I don't know how to add more troops to my party. How to get more than three?

Second, the class-system is a bit odd. Why is a male archer an archer but a female archer a tank? The hashtag tank sticks on every second unit, what I don't like. Maybe simplifying the classes and changing genders choice towards a just cosmetic feature is the better way to go?

Ohh, and will progression save come one day?

Anyways, it's a great game, thanks again!