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Pretty lovely and polished game, in fact, it doesn't feel like a Jam game at all, it feels like an regular length game.
it's truly amazing the amount of content that could be put into the game in such a relatively short amount of time.
The gameplay is a little repetitive and the enemies are more annoying than challenging, but those are just my opinions and it could just be part of Metroidvanias as a whole.

There are a couple of bugs as usual with any jam, Screen has a weird glitch effect

The crouch button isn't the actual crouch button, it's Down arrow.
Bullets seem to gain trails a bit into the game.

But the majority of my criticisms come (somewhat subjectively) from the actual gameplay, I already mentioned how annoying enemies are; not exactly providing a challenge as they are very much just in your way.
This is also reinforced by enemies respawning immediately, this also feels like a Metroidvania thing, but I don't see why everything would have to be strict especially when it gets in the way of 'le fun'.
There's also HP, which is way too easy to gain, you don't really feel pressed when you lose HP as much as you're just hoping you get some HP soon so you don't have to go all the way back here.

Another major Metroidvania-ish thing, is that I, frankly, am always real damn confused on where to go, so much that I'm genuinely stuck around here:

Probably me being a brainlet and forgive me if so, but I genuinely don't know where to go after the Jetpack.

Game rating: 4.5/5
Jam Game rating: 4.8/5

Best of luck, cheers!


Thank you for the kind words and detailed feedback! I certainly spent more time on the environments than on the enemies, which is something I want to improve after the jam.

I've seen this game run on five different computers but it's the first time I've seen this graphical glitch or heard of disappearing trails. Could you please tell me what OS and GPU you have? Are your drivers up-to-date?

As for where to go next, check out the bottom-right of the map. There's a shower room in the crew quarters where you can use your new sliding ability ;)

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Windows 10 and AMD Radeon R6
I believe drivers are up to date.


And the only glitches are those weird pixels in the screen diagonal and the sometimes absent bullet trails? Are the doors and water rendered correctly?