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The controls felt good. The Graphics on the first level where clear . And the Page you have set up here looks like too. Sound design was fitting for the era you are envoking. 

I do feel that having space as menu control was a bit pointless. You could of stuck with K working as the A button and L as the B button. If the SpaceBar paused the game, that would of been ok, but there was no pause option as such space was only used in the menus. The Exit button the main menu didnt do anything too, I guess this is for exiting the game if running on desktop?

I also feel that if you the movement keys just selected the next "thing" on the menus rather then having a pseudo mouse cursor would also have felt better to play.

The MAIN take away is that I did have fun in the game itself. Menus aside you have a nice little cracker of a game here.

Thank you for the praise in the first paragraph.

The reason I used space didn't really exist, I just rest my finger on it a lot of times and decided to use it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As for the WASD and Space for the menus, it is to comply with the game jam rules for the jam this game was made for: GB30. One of the minimum requirements was:

  • Four directional inputs, two "action" buttons (A, B), and two "menu" buttons (Start, Select)

So a mouse system would have been a wee bit cheating. As for the exit button, you are correct, it is for the desktop version.

Finally, the 'select' instead of the 'move-the-cursor system' would in fact be better, but I didn't have time to implement it.