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Hey there! Gotta say I really love the art and aesthetic of this game. The mystery and magic was really cool!

I just wanted to add some things because I really cared about this game more than I realized. I really am not the biggest fan of leaving constructive criticism because I think sometimes people are too harsh or it puts the creator down but I wanted to leave some because I genuinely love your work. In terms of graphics and user interface, I was blown away .Characters were very good looking and the story premise was great! I just somehow felt that halfway through, I was simply confused with the story. I was intrigued with the mystery but I realized with the plot wrapping up in my first playthrough that the captivating mystery had morphed into not me not ever really knowing where the plot was going anymore. I think the mystery fell a little flat in an anticlimatic way, like reveal was a bit dulled because of the plot twist. And the story never really delved too deep into how far it could go. The premise/worldbuilding was fleshed out so much for it! I just felt as if it never got too deep and the game kind of throws a lot of information at you to the point of confusion. I understood the plot twist and the gist of some things but I never truly understood what happened with the clues and things that the MC explained to the boys and stuff, and also didn't understand the 'backstory' completely, but maybe that was failure on my part. To add to it, the romance detracted a little because something important/serious would happen in the plot and just as I'm trying to understand it, there's be romance scenes that felt just kind of placed in. I guess I'm saying the timing of the romance confused me and detracted me from understanding the plot sometimes. 

I really don't want anything I say to come off as rude or harsh, it's 100% one person's opinion I just think it would really be awesome to get deeper in the plot. I really loved everything else besides that, the plot at first, art, music, and characters had me hooked. I would love to see more mystery and/or crime from you, I liked the idea of finding clues or unraveling a plot with a bunch of cute boys around lol!


Hello! Thank you for the constructive feedback! Yes, some people liked the plot and some did not understood what's going on and some disliked the plot. Our guess - we didn't had enough time to flesh out all the ideas more closely.

We will try to evade this failure in the next game.