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First of all, huge fan of the game! Love playing it and every update makes it even better. I am a little bummed out though because the new v88 simply will not run on my MacOS computer. This is the error I keep getting:

“Mindustry” is damaged and can’t be opened.The app has been modified, and its code does not match the original  signed code.

Anyone have a solution for this? I'd appreciate it!

what about right clicking it and select ''repair'' it worked on my windows 10

If that were an option on MacOS I would, but there's no such thing. Any other suggestions?

I've uploaded a new version that *may* fix things. Let me know if it works.

I tried re-downloading the game (the one updated 10 hours ago) and it gave me the same error. Hopefully I can play the the game again soon! It's really a great game. 

This seems to be a side-effect of some experiments with signing some time ago. I'll see if I can fix this soon.