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Aaaa I love just casual talking games about relationships. If you want, I can find a few to link you if you want to look at some good examples!

Also the character designs are so cute. I just want to pet them both on the head.

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I will admit- I was kinda uhh...self congratulatory (that's not the best word can't think of it right now- it's late) for jumping in blind, but now I'm seeing that's not the best of plans lol. I'd love a link to any games you think would be good inspiration!

and thanks! I love cuddly moomin-monsters, so I figured I could have some fun with this :D

http://ncase.itch.io/coming-out-simulator-2014 This is the main game example that comes to mind! It's really conversation focused and hopefully it can give you some inspiration and ideas for how to handle your games!

And yeah, I feel you! I also jumped in blind and there's SO MUCH I don't know. As someone who's already a couple days into this, though, you'll be surprised at how much you pick stuff up!!!!

Moomin is honestly such a good inspiration to get monster designs from. Good choice > : ]

I've been working on this from the beginning- I'm just sloooow.

And thank you for that link! It was great inspiration! I love the bookend player/creator dialogue.