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I really appreciate the honest answers.  I originally came back to the site looking for a way to request a steam key, but I think I'll just stick to buying a second copy in steam - at this point I would much rather support you instead. 

You bring up an excellent point about adding the game to steam via the single games launcher & I think this is more than fair considering it's pretty much entirely out of your control. 

Honestly, if you wanted to make it less work for yourself you could have just raised the price on itch to match steam/only allow people to purchase via steam. However, you are acting purely out of  generosity by allowing the price to currently remain the same for those who want to purchase it here instead.  I think this shows that you are dedicated to the product and I am happy to double down on the investment since I feel confident you have your heart in the right place.

Appreciate that and thanks for understanding.

It just doesn't sit right with me to ramp up the price to 15 after having it on here as 10 for so long

okay so i don't know what's the deal but the game is only 4.5 bucks on my steam (Turkish store). 

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Came here for the same reason, going again with the same reason. Sadly i don´t have the money to purchase a second copy but i´ll stick with the one i have, as there may be people who are more in need for the keys as i am  (as it is just a question of comfort).