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Ooooo ooooooo this is looking so cute so far? I'm sorry you had a rough day today, and I hope things get better soon, but I do want to say that I do really enjoy this game!!! The concept art is so cute and its a really neat blend of serious/silly!

Also clicker games are so fun! I want to make one as one of my games after my current project, so its really cool to see you doing one too! I'm also just imagining little loading screens with facts about volunteered meat for cannibalism on it.

Keep on chugging!!! You can do it!!!

This is such a nice comment, thank you so much ! We're gonna work extra hard today to make some real progress !

I love clicker games too ! I've been playing a lot on my phone recently. There should def be more clickers out there. They're so good for when you wana play a game but also do other online things, too, I think.