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Silly game, well made, but honestly could not think of anything but this video while playing it:


Cool video. The game admits at several points that it is an unrealistic thought experiment. I think this video adds value into discussion and doesn't devaluate the game.


Yeah, for sure :) 


This video is kinda trash. Obviously Bezos can't liquidate all of his assets immediately, but that doesn't make his wealth fake.

He has incredible power and could liquidate billions of dollars a year without devaluing his assets. There are also massive social opportunity costs in the things he does invest in (spaceships, twitter, venture capital). He could invest for a return in food poverty, poverty (through education loans, if necessary), etc.

Video also overlooks the economic liberal perspective on way billionaires are shit. They are a rentier, exploiting their ridiculous market position to levy rents that others cannot.