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Hmm, nifty little program and I don't regret shelling out a tenner, but would pay for an upgrade that included:
-smoother navigation (it's not as balanced as in a FPS)

-mouse over tool tips (or this doesn't work here)

-export, obviously, like everybody else :) 

Performance question: I test ran this on Ubuntu 18.04 with binary nv drivers on a Dell M4800 mobile workstation with a Quadro K1100M which roughly matches a GTX760M.. not flaming new but not exactly last century either. Stutters a bit in 1920x1200. Can I lower "live" quality and still have full detail screenshots?

How can I start with a "clean" slate instead of random?

smoother navigation

Go to settings and have a play around with the camera sliders to get something closer to what you are expecting

mouse over tool tips

there are some, but i definitely could do with more!

Performance question:

Go to settings and turn off Adaptive quality, then more performance options will become available

How can I start with a "clean"

Clear plants on the welcome screen, or right Ctrl Delete