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Yeah, I know. I read the rules. I guess the real question is: Is Fungus considered an asset that don't contribute to the game itself but make the workflow easier? 

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Depends on what this asset does. I don't know it myself, but by reading through it's description it sounds like the 
code is already pre-made. So no, Fungus is not allowed in this Game Jam.


  • Everything has to be made during the jam. This means you can't reuse any code or assets you made before the jam or from other sources. 


All assets that make the workflow easier have code already pre-made. Take, for example, cinemachine, or 2D Pixel Perfect Cam, from Unity Package Manager. And they are allowed.

Well, I would not use it if I were you but it's your decision.

I would use it. Fungus itself it's just a tool. Like Playmaker. It helps, but you still have to create the game yourself.