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I am so impressed with the fact that this is your first game. Great job on the stacking mechanics. I would reconsider locking the characters movement to a grid, especially since the grid movement is not always consistent (when already moving the character turns around, but tends to lock back to the grid). 

Consider taking the game further by adding a tighter gameplay loop and more reason to keep playing. Add more interesting goals, more obstacles, etc...

Nice touch with the disappearing walls!


Thank you so much for the feedback! I definitely should. One of the mechanics I didn't get to fully implement was "damaged property", e.g. if you bump into stuff while sprinting or if you bump into walls with the boxes it will remove $ out of your paycheck. And $ would be used to get bigger trucks, and expanding your moving company empire >:D Definitely need to look into power ups mechanics, incentives etc!

As another idea I just had... Since the house is modular, I might need to explore "rogue-like" dungeon building... Add enemies. Restructure the game into a fantasy theme where a dark lord sends you to get his stuff over to a new place... Okay, this is epic!

Thank you again, feeling very inspired to start making on top of this one! :)