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About 4., I feel pretty bad about my rank and scores, and I think one of the reasons to that was that when I voted, I was in a mindset of, this was made in 48 hours, if I even enjoy it I will immediately give it 3.5+. Usually 4+.

And then I saw a stream where they (the streamers) played a game, and it looked really good and they had fun, and then they rated and gave a "solid 3" in all categories. I would have probably given:

Design: 4-5

Adherence to the Theme: 5

Originality: 2-3

And that's just not what most people do.

And now I do feel a little salty that people that made games with ONLY ONE BULLET or ONLY ONE BUTTON which was literally mentioned in Mark Brown's video, get higher originality than mine.

I have spent some time focusing on tweaking the main mechanic of my game and got 3 in design.

If I would have rated my game according to my standards I would have probably given myself:

Design: 4-5

Adherence to the Theme: 2-3

Originality: 4-5

And I think I am honest with myself.

I just feel stupid for playing and rating 118 games. Some have been in a rate 4 rate, and I've enjoyed many of them, but I have done that since I wanted feedback, but no-one had given me feedback about the main mechanic balance, or even anything else than "Make AI" "Make better UI" and things I already know (thanks for the feedback anyways, by the way). 

The comments painted a picture that was very different to real life. Most people said they enjoyed it.

But maybe they just rated according to a different scale.

And that's the real problem with the voting system. Because people didn't treat it as a basic question, does it adhere to the theme, etc., but other people did, and also some people just rated on a different scale, the ratings just mean nothing.