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I think I get what's going on and I like the concept. A background would go a long way to selling the movement and something to indicate when you are being hit and when your enemies are being hit would really help with clarity and with selling your hits. It would be nice if you could swing the hammer in either direction to fend off attacks as well but I could understand not doing that as well. It looks like a first time game and I think for that its a good job. I hope you keep working at it.

Yep it's the first game I made and I didn't have the time and knowledge to add enough feedback.The hammer rotates clockwise and after you stop rotating  it goes counter-clockwise and so on. About the background I'm more of a designer and programmer .  A friend of mine was responsible for the art but he bailed on me so I had to make everything using  unity's sprites in 1 hour or so. I will keep on working on the game and I will find someone to help me with the art or learn to do it myself. Thank you a lot for the feedback!