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Alice's Journey is the one that hooked me. I still play it regularly although I can almost play it with my eyes closed. But there's just no way I could rank the best ones! I do like the gimmick in one series (I think your character is Susan, aka the Warmistress). Plays through similarly to any other although you have a liaison that helps you out in their world to a minor degree. In the bonus chapter, you play as the liaison in roughly the same events.

An indicator of some kind might help some people but I'd probably never be satisfied with any edge scrolling. I have two major issues with it that I don't think can be surmounted: 1. I have minor sensory issues and the screen scrolling on its own just because I moved the mouse out of the way is irritating. 2. It's too slow when you have to cross a screen width and/or too fast when you just need a little movement; it just doesn't reflect what I'm going with the mouse. I've just never found any edge-scrolling setup to be comfortable. I've never even used Windows' Taskbar auto-hide. I did find the speed-up-when-holding-left-mouse gimmick. But I found it when I tried to click something at the edge which made me miss.

If the right mouse button was unused, I'd request a right-mouse-drag if possible (preferably with the ability to mirror each axis). That works for me because there's a direct link between the mouse and the movement making it deliberate.

As for inventory, I think it would be a tremendous help if you could just set it right back down in the same spot. Not pull something out of your inventory and put back (because I could see that messing with scripting) but set the item you just picked up back down so there's no chance of getting things out of order.

Love Alice´s journey - It's been a while so I might just have a go again! :) Was the one with Susan where she had a cat as a helper? I don't remember exactly. ..

I see your problem with and what could be aimed at regarding scrolling. I'll experiment a little and see if something can be done with the right mouse button. When adding touch screen support it's easier to utilize just one button, with click and double click, but will look at it.

I see, the opportunity to drop an object while your at the same screen could maybe be done. Maybe with a double click, as with the keys in the beginning. If not all objects needs to be mapped in order to reverse it. I'll try some things...

Thanks for the suggestions and ideas, I really appreciate your input!

Happy further hidden object and point n click gaming ^^ 


Dang, it's been a while since I was on itch. Running a business and all...

Susan was in the Lost Lands series. Which I now know why I had trouble finding it. Lost Lands is FIVE-BN, not AM. Still, they do pretty good work as well.

If I ever get a little caught up, I'll be more than happy to try it again!

Aht, that's it - thx! Yes, they're also good. I have had a lot to do with work and a book manuscript, but when things calm down I'll have a look at the Device - and get to play some old goodies also ;)

A book manuscript as well?? Dang. When do you have time to breathe?

I took major advantage of a snowstorm that closed my area down for a week. Bought a dozen of AM's games (The Secret Order and Queen's Quest series) and just relaxed... May re-purchase the Lost Lands series on my own account if it looks like I'll get a minute to play.

Now we're running again and it's tax refund time so I'll have to schedule my breathing around customers.

Enjoy! And good luck!

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Yes,I tend to have a lot of creative projects going on ;) A very good way to take advantage of the closedown, indeed. I hope you get enough time to breath - take care and best wishes!

Thanks! And you as well!