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Dang, it's been a while since I was on itch. Running a business and all...

Susan was in the Lost Lands series. Which I now know why I had trouble finding it. Lost Lands is FIVE-BN, not AM. Still, they do pretty good work as well.

If I ever get a little caught up, I'll be more than happy to try it again!

Aht, that's it - thx! Yes, they're also good. I have had a lot to do with work and a book manuscript, but when things calm down I'll have a look at the Device - and get to play some old goodies also ;)

A book manuscript as well?? Dang. When do you have time to breathe?

I took major advantage of a snowstorm that closed my area down for a week. Bought a dozen of AM's games (The Secret Order and Queen's Quest series) and just relaxed... May re-purchase the Lost Lands series on my own account if it looks like I'll get a minute to play.

Now we're running again and it's tax refund time so I'll have to schedule my breathing around customers.

Enjoy! And good luck!

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Yes,I tend to have a lot of creative projects going on ;) A very good way to take advantage of the closedown, indeed. I hope you get enough time to breath - take care and best wishes!

Thanks! And you as well!