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Your game got reviewed on the Arcane Cache, a very underground blog for the utmost underground games!

My Strange Plane is a Thing Bodys Moves through is a walking simulator. You roam through a world beautifully saturated but harshly shaped and quite limited in its boundaries, which is inhabited by persons that are abstract forms composed from natural materials. They reflect mostly on themselves or complain to you about their insecurities and the hardships of their life. One of them will complain about the place, formulating their wish to jump off – you are free to do so, but will always be thrown back onto it. The soundtrack, consisting of ambient made from spaceflight field recordings establishes the link back to our reality.

It is one of the interactive poems created by Ondřej Throň that are connected not only by common themes (among politics, mental health, social inequality, and the bleakness of a world shaped by commodification), but also by their playing with and occasional bursting of medium-limits and standards – all of them exist on the boundary towards the interactive fiction and often show a high amount of literacy; they are clearly more on the „art“-side of gaming, and often leave much room for interpretation. I highly recommend to check them out!

Well done!

wow, thanks so much for your beyond the kind words! I am delighted and also happy that my work speaks to you. Reanalysing analysis of my work feels like a shady ego exercise so I will just leave it with a big thank you :)