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Hobbyist game developers, non-commercial projects, and game makers motivated by political utopias have a common problem: They are commonly thrown into the big category of „indie games“ along with countless tech prototypes, low effort productions, but also have to „compete“ with commercial products that have a much higher budget and often a dedicated, professional marketing.

To answer this, I have written a manifesto for underground games.  Underground Games are non-commercial. They shun the logic of the markets and question the capitalist system. They attempt to create and use spaces for free creativity. Right now, I'm trying to connect various non-commercial developers and scenes.

Maybe you want to participate? Would you like to use a common channel to exchange with other, non commercial developers and players, and what would you prefer as a software for such a place?

If you are interested, check the full text, including a manifesto for Underground Games and some thoughts about the connections to political activism.

Glad you like the review - you are welcome :)

Rusty Blade got reviewed by the Arcance Cache, our underground blog for underground games:

Their games don’t offer much gameplay – rather, think of them as interactive images. The controls feel a bit quirky, but dealing with them is worth it – your patience will be rewarded by great aesthetics and well shaped out contents.

Damn well done!

Crumbling Words is a occult, complex word puzzle video game where you try to built words out of tiles available on a 10x10 grid while being insulted by an old archmage. Different modes available, full OST; addicting gameplay. FLOSS. What more could you want?

Get it:

Well, thanks for your efforts - imho tags should be included when I search, its the behaviour that would be expected by any sane user.

Ofc I search for tags with the search function, what else should they be good for? oo

So, to be found for somebody who searches for "Mahjong" atm, I would have to put "Mahjong" in the description of my game?

(2 edits)

I added the Tags 

mahjjong and mahjong a few days ago when I noticed that using the variant with 2 g's was probably not the best choice for findability, and I could swear that it didn't showed up in the night when I searched for "Mahjong" but showed up when I searched for "mahjong", now I don't find it with either variant (maybe I clicked on the linked "mahjong" tag and thought this was producing the same result as searching for it - I noticed now that this isn't the case). However: the mahjong tag is there for a few day - shouldn't the game be found when I search for "Mahjong"? Same for "Mahjjong", btw.

See above.

Just noticed that Tags are case sensitive,  our game appears when you search for "mahjong", but not if you search for "Mahjong". This is neither in the interest of devs nor players.

Your game got featured on the arcane cache, a blog for well done underground games.

All in all, the game plays and feels very complete and furbished – much more so than any other console homebrew game that I can remember, and it incited me to burn much more time than I would want to admit.

Well done!

The Arcane Cache, a underground blog for underground games, featured "Dead Ascend"

Beside giving me a fun time, what I liked best about the game is the punkish DIYS-Style combined with a rather wicked humor (the „Zombie-Setting“ hasn’t much in common with the wave of the last decade, but rather reminded me of 80s pulp movies) – the involved people clearly wanted to make a good, fun game within the range of their abilities while not giving a damn about the salability of it. The result is a anarchic little gem, and will surely give you more than one good, suprised laugh for the brain you’ll have to invest.

Nice job, congratz!

"Ben Was Assimilated" was featured on the "Arcane Cache", a underground blog for underground games:

Ben Was Assimilated is a robustly realized game that not only hold onto its promises - the main gameplay loop is fun, the aesthetics are nice, and the execution feels fluid - but outgoes them in some aspects: The "break" featured in this game is radical, surprising and a prime example for what underground productions can offer, as things like these are unlikely to be done by even small commercial orientated studios that usually don't want to risk alienating their customers with such stuff.

Well done!

We just released "Just Let Me Play Mahjongg", a solitaire Mahjongg Game for Windows and Linux that does exactly what it should.

x Free Download

x Elaborated Highscore System

x No Hooks attached

x 20 different Levels

 x Pretty Design

x Level Editor


This game got reviewed by the arcane cache, a very underground blog for very underground games.

When it comes to this genre, one is fast to assume that there are countless well made exponents around – but in reality, most of them lack in their execution in the one way or another. Not so here: While there aren’t any flashy mechanics, twists, or big surprises this game is pretty well made in every aspect and all aspects interlock very well with each other. If you are longing for well executed game design and aren’t opposed to good old retro charm, this game will offer you a perfect storm.

Well done, congratulations!


(2 edits)

"Purple Martians" got featured on the arcane cache, and underground blog for underground games.

The games atmosphere is rather unique and surely belongs to a category that is reserved for obscure independent games that are untouched by commercial orientated streamlining – it bears some resemblance to „Risk of Rain“, but is even more outlandish and quirky (what I consider as great). Yet both the refinement and scope of the game are uncommon for productions of this size – „Purple Martians“ offers a vast amount of fun for adventurous platformer veterans and underground game connoisseurs alike.

Great job!

HitStunFly community · Created a new topic Hard to pull


I have played and liked a few of your games, and checked out your attempt on a platform fighter. It looks nice, but pulling such a game in a satisfying quality is damn hard. Think twice if you really want to go down all the way.

I tried to make one last year. Since you ain't the first who tries to get into the matter I put my source online.

It's written in Cpp and is not outright compatible to Godot, but maybe you can pull something from it or it helps in any other way.


You got featured at my very underground blog for very underground games.

PERISH might be your new instant classic. The gams has a very raw, yet warm and charming atmosphere, that will – along with the heavy polishing at some points – easily outweighs the few and acceptable shortcomings. This is a magnificent game.

Damn good!

Sounds great :).

You are welcome. 

As pointed out in the review, you are especially strong when it comes to atmosphere and the coherence of your setting - if you (saw your answer to MoodHorse above) are getting bored of the limitations you have atm and don't want to learn more programming, maybe do modules for Pen and Papers or use something like Flare to reduce the struggle with the engine?

Although I wouldn't mind of you keep going on as you are ;).

Your game got - again - reviewed by Arcane Cache, our very underground blog for very underground games.

I believe it would be best to view this game like a symbolist painting that attracts you through well focused, sublime, but at the same time indefinably notions – at the end it doesn’t matter if you are unlikely to penetrate to its heart. Citadel Unchained is terrific in its rawness, intransigence, and singularity.

Well done!

The game got featured on my very underground blog for very underground games.

Ascent is a damn well made little game. The gameplay is good, the story atmospheric, and the pixelart, colordesign, music and usage of the graphical effects is quite striking. If you give it a shot, the game will give you some dense, satisfying, and atmospheric thirty minutes.

Well done!

Your game got featured on "Arcane Cache", our very underground blog for very underground video games.

While the need of having to guess about pretty much every aspect of the game is a matter of taste, in the end the game works well, is fully playable and covers a niche that is still sparsely endowed. Also, it could be a good blueprint for a more fleshed out and detailed game – the basic concept could easily be expended on, and especially the addition of acoustic narration would allow for a deep and interesting gameplay.
(1 edit)

Tetris 2000 got reviewed by the arcane cache, a very underground blog for very underground games.

Tetris 2000 is a great little game with a fun and creative concept that was neatly realized and varnished with a cool and detail obsessed design, and both great for playing a level once in a while or for a good 3,5 hour binge.

Well done!

The available free demo is basically a full working game. Check it out! :)


Good Job, this is a very nice little flipper game :).

Just encountered a bug where the ball got stuck triggering the star mapping event:

Keep it up!
Greetings Vale

You got featured on my very underground blog for very underground games:

You’ll probably finish the game within 7 minutes, but in this time Precipice features some very surprising and intriguing twists that let the game really stand out; it is very audacious and a bit experimental, and successful in doing so. It could evoke ideas about inevitability, storytelling, and the meaning of ones doings or priorities.

Well done!

(5 edits)


Played your game for a few hours.


-There are strong visual glitches, requiring a restart; cards and buttons aren't rendered correctly.

You can not click or use such elements, as far as I can tell. Restarting the game solves the problem. This happened to me with the whole are where the "Start" Button is right after the first level on my first attempt; I couldn't continue the game. Players might never boot it a second time in such a case.

-Enemies get stuck in your dungeon, blocking the game from ending if you don't poke them using your spells. Might be caused by the vines or slows. Sometimes magis will create portals, sending all enemies into an loop!

-Sometimes your buildgrid will slide off, causing fields not to mach with the dungeon. This is not only a visual problem, but seems to allow enemies to bypass your minions:

-Setting Plants might cause visual glitches, seemingly creating space within your dungeon. This is especially visible when you sell them.

What would be nice:

-Add an increasing gain for higher levels, so that players aren't forced to backtrack so hard if they spent too much gold on upgrades. Going back to the first stage after level 15 doesn't feel good. Increase the costs of stuff slightly in return, so it is still needed to backtrack a bit. Of course any other working solution for this would do as well.

-More music.


-Preview for things before you unlock them.

-Hard mode with an increased spawn of enemies.

-Windowed option

-Only reached boss rooms on the first floor, maybe you should increase the speed of gaining them  somewhat?

-Difficulty progression: Sometimes easy levels followed after very hard ones. Not sure about this tbh, could also be me.

-Spellpanel should feel more "prominent" within your UI; sometimes I just forgot to use them in narrow situations or even when I lost.

-Your UI could be improved in general: Some functions feel a bit hidden, at some places tooltips would help. Examples are the objectives ingame; where is the exit button?

-Some of the Drag/Drop-Mechanics or "Keep clicking on" mechanics within the UI are a bit confusing.

What is good:

-Gameplay. The basic gameplay loop is great and fun. Feels like some dungeon-keeper TD and works damn well.

-Your overall gamedesign is elegant and smooth.

-Graphics are well done.

-You got a good amount of content.

-Overall: Good balance! Still needs a bit of polishment here and there though.

-Sounddesign was on point.

-Everything feels coherent. This is very important.

-No game breaking bugs except the visual glitch

-Native Linux version runs well.

Questions of Taste:

-Your music isn't bad, but you should get more tracks. Also, I would recommend to spice things up. The howling chorus effect is nice, though.The OST of phenomena has this kind of sound and rocks, the passage starting from 2:00 is damn good:



Its a fun and good game, but I disagree about it's completeness. Its still a bit too rough at some points. I can understand that your life has moved on, but It would be nice if you would complete it (maybe in the very long run). If you iron out all or most of the non-cursive written points, it should feel complete and would be a very good indie game. Cursive written points are nice to haves.

Tell me if you have any questions, or need playtesting again. Might play more and give feedback if I do notice anything.

Edit: Did a small review for your game on "arcane cache" - my very underground blog for very underground games.

Dungems is exactly what you normally would want to play if you boot up a indie game: A simple, yet solid and well devised concept realized with dedication and passion by a person who is sure that this is the shit at the time of making it, easily accessible yet deep enough for a few good hours.

Thanks alot.

I'll check out as soon as I can (suppose next sunday night) and give you detailed feedback.

I suspected that the poor attention was the reason you stopped working on your project - any chances that you might reconsider it?

In my opinion, it is better to create a game that is good and finished even if nearly nobody notices it than to have a unfinished game. Think about it :).

DUNGEMS community · Created a new topic Still active?


Is the game in active development? I would be interested, but seeing that the game is still in alpha stage and the last update is over half a year past I'm wondering if the project is still alive.



Itch doesn't have a PM-Function, and I wasn't able to find a contact-mail or smth.

While reviewing MM0 I noticed that the music is a bit weak, compared to the rest of the game. I'm far from being a pro when it comes to music myself, but I got a bit of experience - check out our games on itch or my project Erdspiegel if you want to check out my work until now.

If you don't have anybody at hand till now or want to do it yourself, I would love to contribute music to Minervas Labyrinth (for credits, no revenue share or anything like this needed).

Are you interested?

...the overall design of the gameplay and the levels is where Magic and Metal Zero shines. The encounters are fair but never boring, and the riddles and obstacles the game throws at you are hard enough but never frustratingly hard. Progression is fluid, and doesn’t require any grinding to get through the game. The atmosphere and the enemies are exactly what you would expect when you kick this kind of game in – the queer character cast makes a nice counterpoint and adds a own flavor to the genre.

Magic and Metal Zero: Tower of Metal got reviewed by Arcane Cache, a very underground blog focusing on very underground games:

Great Work!


Thanks for your fast reply. Usually I do play Windows-Only Games via wine, but wasn't able to fire your game up using it. Hard to say if it is a problem of Gamemaker Studio or my configuration, might try on my laptop on another day.

However: If you someday have a Linux-Built and want to have it tested, reach out to me! :)

Keep it on, Greetings



Quite nice looking game.

Unfortunately, I can't get it running under Linux. Any Chance for a Port?



Hi Eugenia & Vladimir,

nice to see that you are still around & kicking. I have had gotten the hint, but still didn't figure it out. Last night I managed to solve the calculation. I really do think that you nailed the graphics quite well in this - just ask a bit less of your players, and it should be fine ;).

Are you onto a new project atm?

Greetings Valentin

"That Role Playing" got a review on our very underground little blog for very underground video games.

While I like the idea of the riddles, I’m afraid they heavily overdid it with the difficulty – making the game an exclusive delight for people who enjoy hardcore brainteasers and raw old school gaming alike. If you however consider yourself to be a part of this illustrious group „That role playing“ is for you – the game is well polished and the „crawler“-gameplay, graphics, music, and sound are great. There are secrets, allusions, and many little details showing how much passion was invested into this game.

I found your game to be great, but unfortunately I'm not able to beat it. The riddles are too hard, and I suppose that I'm not alone. Are there any chances that you might create a slightly reworked version?


The game works quite well, the gameplay is a bit reminiscent of F-Zero. The difficulty increases over the stages, and you'll likely need a few approaches to beat a new level. Every ship got a unique handling, and the amount of levels and ships is great.

As far as I can tell you mainly added content in the past few updates. I highly recommend to polish what you got now.

  1. Improve the UI: Add a possibility to restart the level and to advance without exiting the game/going back to the main menu. If possible, allow to rebind keys. Utterly important: Rework the ingame UI - the grey boxes with the font look dull and they disturb the overall look and feel.
  2. Embrace your graphic style: It looks cool, but the abstract style could work much better then it does atm. Reduce the details, especially on the ships and stuff like the little people you can see on the seat rows. The glitchy, minimal style is great, and it would be cool if you could extend on it. Consider to replace the textures with pure colors and to increase the contrasts even more. Add some acid by including flickering, color changing elements and so on.
  3. Polish the core game play: Allow to drive backwards. Reduce the time it takes to come back on the track again when you make a mistake by reducing the speed gimp - you can, on the other hand, increase the general speed of the race and increase the need to use the brake to get around curves (rebind the key either to space per default or allow rebinding). Maybe add a small, speed dependent delay when steering to simulate sliding.
  4. Add some bling-bling. A flag waving when finishing, a traffic light when the race begins, and other stuff that makes the gaming experience more vivid.
  5. The music is a weak spot atm. It isn't bad and goes in the right direction, but for this kind of game your music should groove the fuck out of you - in the case of F-ZERO the music made the whole game. There are some talented musicians out there who would surely be happy to contribute to a game, try to find them.
  6. Offer a demo that is a reduced current version instead of an outdated full version. People who want to test out your game before paying for it will have a wrong impression since the demo might include problems that you fixed in the current version.

Keep it up and this might become a damn good game.

Everything combines into a bleak and comfortless experience – „Cavern of the Underwood“ is a dark little meditation.

Did review your game on our very underground blog for very underground games:

Mr. Dave Pizza reviewed the Vaults of Minos. Check it out!

Wow, thank you - much appreciated! :)

The Vaults of Minos is a precision plattformer inspired by pulp adventure comics and movies and mid 90s jump'n runs. We invested a lot of time in playtesting and polishing the game to ensure good controls, a challenging but fair gameplay and an overall fluid and fun experience.

The core feature of Vaults of Minos is a refined autogenerator that delivers challenging but always solvable levels for every new run. Other features include:

  • Colorful 2d sprites
  • Custom Soundtrack
  • Different bosses/Story mode
  • Full Controller Support (xinput, xbox, and dualshock)
  • Adjustable difficulty
  • Highscores and achievements

I'll stick around if you have any questions or feedback regarding the game!