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It would be awesome to be able to automate laigter usage through the command line. For example, one could use something like this to automate the maps generation for some file without ever opening the graphical interface:

laigter    --preset=/home/user/somePresetFile    --input=/home/user/input.png    --invert-y    --invert-x    --normal=/home/user/input.normal.png    --occlusion=/home/user/input.occlusion.png    --specular=/home/user/input.specular.png    --parallax=/home/user/input.parallax.png

Yes, i have that on my todo list...  but i haven't had enough time. Perhaps in the near future!

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Since I was really needing the command line export feature I forked your project and implemented the bare minimum for my personal needs. You can take a look here:

I only made a windows build since it is the main OS I'm currently using for development.

I can make you a pull request if you want, but I did'nt had the time to make sure my changes fit your projects coding style and quality standards.

Wow, thanks a lot!!

I'll check it as soon as i can.

About the coding style and quality standars, i have none till now.. this was supposed to be just a personal project, something like a test... and i'm usually messy writting code... But i think i should starting to define coding style. I think we could use clang-format beautifier and that's all.

Thanks again!