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Here's another apology for not updating this thread often enough.

I've been working on another spaceship that will serve as its own contained overworld. You use them to travel between the levels. I didn't want to do a boring level select but spice it up a bit more, and because I can make the levels purely contain gameplay and put everything else (people you can talk to, story events, minigames. The original inspiration for the overworld came from how games like Dustforce and Stealth Inc. 2 handle theirs.

I want to keep the graphics really simple to read, which means most decorational stuff goes into the overworld. That is what I've been occupied with lately. Here are some cogweels:

I forgot to set the rotation point (sprite origin) in the middle of the sprite first. I though it looked funny so here it is. Below is the end result:

I know the cogwheels don't connect perfectly, but I think it looks cool, so I'm going to keep it this way.

And here's a new particle effect for the engine outlet of the ship! Not sure about using stars as particles, but I'm pretty happy with it otherwise.