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Fun puzzle game, making the game about shooting and not only driving your clones into hazards means that one has to consider not only murdering your fellow selves but not gettign caught in the chaos; more than once the impulse of blowing someones head off came around to nip me in the butt.

I dont have much to criticize, the game is compelling but i think it lacks ambition, the main mechanic is great, the level design tight but in a paint by numbers way, everything found in the level has a straightforward purpose when the premise and comedic tone sold the game as something wacky. 

In my opinion some spectacle would elevate the game from good to great; a level where every asset is a mirror and the bullet ricochets a million times before reaching the target; one where everyone is separated by walls activated by buttons and you have to cycle through swithing them to murder them all; a more vertical level where the trick is moving through it by falling knowing that each time you descend you wont be able to go back up again. Themed levels in which a thing outside the norm happens is what makes the level and game more memorable.

Theme, kill everyone and be the only one standing, it does what it promises and delivers on the goods.

Originality, puzzle games revolving clones are common but they fall into the "walk your clone into hazards" so much that when a game like this twists it by making your clones handle a gun pointing at your face it makes for fresh gameplay, good the game distanced itself from conventions.

I think this game is a sandwitch with a pair of gourmet spongy warm bread with sesame seeds on top and its chooses a bit of ham and cheese as its fillings, its delicious and i would it all over again, but those dreamy buns make me think this dish could be so much more... hell i need to stop writting reviews when im hungry.