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aughgh it's slow going because i keep getting distracted, but at the very least i'm having no absolute 0 days ;;;;

going for a different aesthetic that's more in line with what i want to do, also made 2 songs that will most likely be used:

a short, simple piano piece

some ominous harp thingie

aaand here are some bgs + a little screenshot

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

it's hard because my schedule keeps changing so i keep... being unprepared LMAO!!! but tomorrow i'm gonna sit down for 12 hrs staight and hash out that script


I like your bgs- using photos is so damn smart! I liked the previous ones too, but this set has more of a traditional 'paranormal' look vs. the previous which felt dreamy but still grounded in familiarity.

thank you!!! i don't have the patience to draw all the bgs so YEAH! it's faster, and also it's an aesthetic choice!! i definitely wanted it to look slightly unsettling since that's the direction of the story!!