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What update number would that be? I have 1.4

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I wasnt happy with the way they looked

will be some for the steam launch

Still not thrilled about them, but better than nothing i guess

water in real time is hard


I work for a company that does alot of Unity work for games and phone apps and such. Could put you in touch with the bosses if you like. This can go places. 

So long as i dont end up working on phone apps, my stuff is waaay to complex :P

That looks pretty awesome!

Was totally wondering about waterfalls, looking forward to the next update, maybe snowy trees at some point too :-)

I buy another copy here after pay day as well - this is such an awesome app/game.


Check this out

That. Is. Awesome.

Totally can't wait for that update and just bought another copy.

Thanks, but why buy another copy?

Steam is 2 days away! :)

Totally just to help and support your development.

I don't play games a lot and don't use Steam (yet).

You are fantastic!

I'd have to agree with others, while unsure about how they would look close up, they look pretty nice to me in that screenshot.

Here is an animated clip