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I just like the aesthetic of it all. Dunno if most of the textures and models are default unity ones or not, but the simplistic design does seem interesting for the subject matter. If you're not trying to go for anything TOO serious, I'd suggest keeping it or making something similar in terms of visual style. Something to keep it apart from the crowd.

Another thing - again I have no idea what you're going for with this game - it would be really neat to have the game focus on the platforming bit. The gif for the game basically sold me on it, crazy shit flying all over the place is pretty solid, and if you were to expand on that it'd be a pretty good idea, in my opinion. Just my two cents.

Thanks for the comment,yeah most of the stuff right now was by default in the engine (which is UE4) and I hope that things will get more serious in the near future which will lead the whole thing to stand out from the crowd, because right now it almost looks like ThirdpersondefaultUE4project.exe.

I know that the strong point at the moment is the platforming, but that's because the game doesn't have proper mechanics yet and movement and platforming are the basics of the default thing in UE4. In the future the game will have some combat, some more puzzle parts, parts with combat, puzzle and platforming all in one. I'll update the description to say that the general aim of the game will be an action adventure game like any 3D Zelda but with some platforming as well to make it more entertaining.

Again, thanks for the comments, it's nice to get some feedback here and there. Also I'll upload a new version in 3 days or so. Few things have changed since the last one, and proper mechanics are still missing but you're welcome to come and make a try if you want to.