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Could see it be a speedrun type of game. Definitely interesting.

Completed the whole thing, had fun with it.

Only real quarrel was the aiming system which got a bit weird when trying to do gun-jumps. Maybe make it so that when youre in the air, firing downward always shoots straight down, just so on longer jumps you dont have to press right-down > down > shoot > right-down to keep momentum.

Another thing is that I found myself using the scatter most of the time just because it was better than all the other guns at jumping. Might want to have a bit more variance between the three. For instance, have the scatter excel in vertical motion, the machine horizontal, and the ultralight somewhere inbetween.

Other than that, good concept. Feels very cave story-ish.

Got through the updated version, I miss the cones.

Found all 100 currency this time around, and I do like the extra stuff put in like the holes in the ceiling to let light in.

Well that did in fact work.

Kind of disappointed there wasn't more content, but I guess being a school project and in an early state it's to be expected. I did like the alternate progression for going inside the black hole, but it did drag on a bit.

Good experience though.

Still have no idea how to kill myself and progress. It seems like the model is semi-clipped into the chair, so if the idea is to push him over it doesn't work. Tried sneaking up and jumping to him just in case it had something to do with back stabbing, but neither worked. I've basically hit a wall.

Other things:

-Might be a good idea to add some dialogue for if you stay in your chair. The following dialogue in the closet suggests as much, so when I played the game again I was disappointed nothing happened.

-The gloves lesson's pacing could be a bit better. The part where cricket plays happened a bit too early, so I missed the joke the first time around. Would be good if the trigger for it were closer to the briefcase.

Hoping the fixes for everything come out soon.

Couple of things on my first run:

-Train scene wasnt particularly obvious with what you had to do the first time around. Spent a good minute or two jumping around thinking the train was supposed to go somewhere, eventually started mashing buttons on every wall until the door opened up. Might be a good idea to put a better visual cue outside of the train, but I'm probably just an idiot.

-I couldn't figure out how to kill myself, and had to restart. Ran into it, jumped on it, pressed every button on it, nothing worked and I had to quit the run. Hopefully I'll figure out what to do next run.

Everything else was listed in known issues. I liked the black hole scene a lot, you got the panic feeling down. If anything needs to stay exactly the same, its that.

I just like the aesthetic of it all. Dunno if most of the textures and models are default unity ones or not, but the simplistic design does seem interesting for the subject matter. If you're not trying to go for anything TOO serious, I'd suggest keeping it or making something similar in terms of visual style. Something to keep it apart from the crowd.

Another thing - again I have no idea what you're going for with this game - it would be really neat to have the game focus on the platforming bit. The gif for the game basically sold me on it, crazy shit flying all over the place is pretty solid, and if you were to expand on that it'd be a pretty good idea, in my opinion. Just my two cents.

i dont feel so hot

im gonna

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Only ever found 97 currency, went over the damn thing 3 times to try and find the last chest.

Neat idea though. Could make it a physics based dungeon game where the hammers and such are meant to launch you to different places, which would make it original in its own way.

Couple of bugs I noticed:

-The camera angles in the right hallway of the map could be better. Some of the buildings are tall enough to block your view, especially during the zoomed in sections and when you move farther south. Left hallway doesn't have this problem.

-At some point while playing in the blue block mode, one of the jumping grey blocks couldn't be shot and appeared to be jumping one level above everything else. When it would get close, it would simply jump on top of the player block and stay there. Shooting up had no effect either. Would be neat to implement this as a kind of helicopter enemy in later levels if its not intended.

-White blocks only drop one coin when shot by a blue block. Again, might be intended.

-First time I played the game there were none of the drops I saw on later runs. Kills only rewarded with coins, which in turn only gave ammo through the shop, which was the only way to get more ammo. There were no dual-cannons or drugs or the like. I got to the third wave like this, so I don't think it was a case of "just missing it".

Otherwise it was very fun experience. Awaiting more updates in the future.