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I do like the idea, because you need to adapt all the time, BUT I hate movement - it felt too inaccurate, because you have too wide "1 step", which made picking up weapons more irritating than necessary. You needed to implement walk (slow, but very precise) AND keep jump (fast, but you are locked to your movement for 0.X seconds).

I played, rated and gave feedback-commented your game, please, do the same for mine. My game is mix of narrative based with top down shooter and has profound ideas about life (if you reach the end). Use left mouse button to shoot and arrows to move. Remember to collect power ups.

Again the movement topic. I really spent a lot of time tweaking it. You have a short acceleration phase. Other have said that the controls is to wobbly like running on ice. I'm sorry that it was not right for you, but you just can't get it right for everyone :D But this point is on my task list and I will have a look, because there is for sure some improvement.

Thank you very much, that you liked our idea.

I will check your game out later.

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Ice analogy is very precise. If I am an exception, then you have nothing to worry about the critic, BUT if too many feel like that, then you have an underlying problem , which you must understand and correct, becoming stronger in result.  By the way, I personally prefer constant speed in my games, because it gives players more control for precise movements (my ex main project


I very love movement of

So you have a problem with the acceleration and deceleration of the character?
At first I went from 0 to 100% speed in one clock. People did not like it (Early testers). Now I added the acceleration and deceleration and people don't like it either. 

You have it rough. I know that it is irritating. Sorry, but I cannot impact how I feel about it.