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Incredible! Could you make some top-down buildings?

Thank you, Sorthen!

This will depend on the performance of the assets in this style, as they are not in high demand here.

It seems that developers prefer pixel art.


IDK, I prefer this (your) style. But the main issue (for me) is: the style must fit in with other assets to become useful, like a matching gui, tileset. etc. Can you point out own work or work from artists on with whose work these spiked enemies can form the base of a game? Your work is really nice, I follow you on for this, and when your content in this style is 'lardy' enough to complete a game, I will buy. Cheers, and a happy 2024!

Hi RutgerS!

Thanks for your feedback. I really need to create more content in this style and create a pack. Happy 2024!