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Hi, thanks for clarification.

Hi, what is the policy on giving credit..?

Working with Gamemaker, I think the 'Singles' are welcome instead of the very large tilesets, which get distorted in Gamemaker (using default settings). Also, converting the Godot 47 style to Gamemaker's layout is a breeze with e.g. Webtyler. Great, ty!

I would love to see more of your work, in this style. Thank you!

Really good, thank you!

Thanks, yes, it works!

Have a nice evening,


Hi Tim,

it looks like the only file in this pack is the "Dark Music Pack Premium License.pdf"..? 

Quote above:

"In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $15 USD. You will get access to the following files: Dark Music Pack Premium License.pdf"

Also I tried to download the pack, and it indeed has only the license file.

Can you look into this, please?


Hi Tim, 

thanks for the reply. Maybe just post them in your Patreon feed; your other 'stans' will have the same issue, I guess.

And, thanks for License clarification. Have a nice day!


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Hi Tim,

is it correct the license stays CC BY 4.0 for patreons? And the extra packs don't show?

TY and Cheers!

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Hi Tim,

The Patreon link seems to be pointing to the Zombie Apocalypse pack..?


Hi Tim, am I overlooking a Patreon access button on this page, as well as with the "casual sound effects" & "royalty free loops (1st pack)" pages?


Would love to see a license.txt in the zip, like the info.txt. Please don't sue me... ;)

Thank you!

Hi, and a big thank you.

So, maybe I am overlooking it, but this is Medieval Volume 2, and I don't see volume 1? Is that correct?

Hi Winlu,

Thanks for the work!

It would really help me if there was a way to find out what version I have locally, and what needs updating. Could it be possible to add a version.txt or something like that to the zip?


Thank you for clarifying. Cheers! 

p.s. Slimy GUI seems to have been missed as well.

Obligatory means "required by a legal, moral, or other rule; compulsory". Reading your explanation (thanks for that!) it seems optional, not required. Is that correct? Cheers

Could you elaborate what "obligatory add links to this package as well"  would look like..? 

IDK, I prefer this (your) style. But the main issue (for me) is: the style must fit in with other assets to become useful, like a matching gui, tileset. etc. Can you point out own work or work from artists on with whose work these spiked enemies can form the base of a game? Your work is really nice, I follow you on for this, and when your content in this style is 'lardy' enough to complete a game, I will buy. Cheers, and a happy 2024!

This style made me member of your website. I love the 5 different areas, and I hope you will add more content to this style, e.g. interiors, loot & items, and the like. Thank you, great work!

That's it. The title is the message.

I bought the march 2022 megabundle 19 days ago, and this was released after I bought it. Will this (and other releases) become available to early supporters? 

That would be nice, thank you!

May be some examples could help me choose your fonts.

May be some examples could help me choose your fonts.