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Hi Luc!

This pack was made with 2 directions only, like you can see in the gifs.

I made this way.


It's just that the animations were done inside Unity, so it automatically creates transition frames between keyframes, making the animations smoother. But when they are exported to png it only exports the keyframes.

Thank You! :)

Yes, I have plans to add more weapons and character variations in the future.

For this theme I have nothing. I'm sorry!

Hi! Thank You!

Yes, the sprites was made for sidescroller games.

Hi! I'm glad you liked. Enjoy it! :)

It won't make a difference. I tested the 2 files, the unity project and the separate files, and both worked normally when I exported from blender. I also tried exporting them again and when I opened them they were working the same. I really don't know what's going on in your case. Unfortunately I can't help you. Sorry.

Did you try to download the complete unity project and it still didn't work?

I don't know what is happening, because it works normally for me, as you can see in the image below.

If you import fbx files into a new project in Blender, just change animation frames length to 150 in timeline and everything will work fine.

In Unity, all animations are working normally. I have not tested in other engines.

Thank You, calango! :)

These animations are also working normally for me. Within Blender, in the animations timeline, the animations have a duration of 2 frames. Try switching to 150 frames and see if it works. Maybe I exported it with only 2 frames when uploading it to Itch.  Please, tell me if it worked.

Hi Livio-cmd!

I tested animations in Blender and all is working perfectly!

Hi. Thank You for use my assets and credit me!

The game is very good. Congratulations!

Hi, Thank You!

Yes, I intend to create more assets in this style as soon as I have some time.

Alright. I'll do this as soon as possible.

Oh cool! Hope you have success with your game, and thanks for using my assets. :)

Hi, Thank Your for your feedback.

I thought it would be easier to use the sprites without colors, but I can add colored versions as well. As soon as I have some time I will do it.


I'm closed for commissions. Sorry...

Oh, very cool!

Hope you have success with your game!


Thank you for your feedback!

I was thinking about making more characters, like monsters, robots, animals, but keeping this style.

Thank You! :)

This asset aren't UV mapped, it has only materials. I don't know if is possible to do it in Unreal Engine.

For the guns, yes. But you need a character because this asset have only the arms.

I think the animations will won't work well, because you'll need to animate character separated from the arms.

I will talk to the programmer about this bug. You can also report this bug there on the tool page. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi! I'll talk to the programmer, but if I'm not mistaken the zombie hands are already there.

Thank You!

Hi! I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for the support, it helps me a lot!


The demo version includes only some tiles.

Thank You! :)

Hello, griotdonation! Thank you for your purchase.

Unfortunately I'm closed for commissions, sorry... :(

You can share your game progress here if you like! :)

Thank You!

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Thank you very much for your support!

Unity project updated!


Yes, the AWM Sniper are included too. I updated the description.

Thank you! :)

Me too! :)

Very nice to hear that!

I also had a lot of fun trying out blocks with different colors.

I think I could create such a tool for 2d tiles, but I keep thinking about how to do that.