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Hi! These characters already have animaions.

Manda um email pra mim:

Hi! Are you from Brazil?

I accept PIX, but i'll need to send the files for you by email.

Hi troyellisnz!

I posted a youtube video to guide with this problem in an older comment on this page. I hope it can help you, because i can't fix this for now. Sorry.

I want to improve the tool with 4 directions sprites in future, but need a lot of more work.

Hi, adhemar1!

There are no predefined sprites in the tool, you will have to create them from scratch. Sorry.


Thank you for the advice!

Yes, you can! :)

Thank you for use my assets!

Success with your game! :)

Thank You!

Tudo bem Andre?

Obrigado pelo interesse, mas infelizmente não estou pegando serviço no momento.


Feel free to use this asset any way you want!

Credit is not needed.


Thank you! :)


Sorry man, I haven't been able to do that yet. Other projects are consuming all my HP.

But coloring the sprites through the engine is quite easy, at least in Unity.

This is how I did it to get random colors every time the game started.

Sorry, I should have fixed this a long time ago.


No problem my  friend!


I want to make a version of this tool for non isometric tiles, but unfortunately i'm busy with other projects.

But i'll do it!

Hi RutgerS!

Thanks for your feedback. I really need to create more content in this style and create a pack. Happy 2024!

This was made with Godot.

Very cool! Success with your game!


The canvas size for every frame is 512x512, so the character is a little smaller.

The sequence of animations is as follows:

idle down (4 frames)

idle down right

idle right

idle up right

idle up

jump down (8 frames)

jump down right

jump right

jump up right

jump up

attack 1 (4 frames)

attack 1 down right

attack 1 right

attack 1 up right

attack 1 up

attack 2 (4 frames)

attack 2 down right

attack 2 right

attack 2 up right

attack 2 up 


I'm glad you like it!

Thank you!

I learn from YouTube videos, but I don't have any specific channel to recommend.

Thank you!

I made this asset using Blender Grease Pencil.

I have no plans to update this pack at the moment, but I will note your suggestion for a possible future update. Thanks!


Sorry, I didn't understand what you meant by map


I don't have this code anymore. It's was made just for testing. Sorry...

I used it from Canva, so probably yes.

Are you referring to the font used on the cover? It's Arcade Gamer

Thank you!

Thank you!

Hi Adam!

I'm very happy that you liked my assets, but unfortunately I'm closed for commissions. Sorry.

(1 edit)

This price is almost free! But I have several other free assets that can help you.

I wish I could make all my assets free, but it's currently my main source of income.

Thank you! I'll update soon.


Thank you very much for using my assets!

Thank you! :)

Thank you, Sorthen!

This will depend on the performance of the assets in this style, as they are not in high demand here.

It seems that developers prefer pixel art.

I believe it is using 3D modeling software, such as Blender.