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F*********ck. I literally JUST bought it right now then decided to refresh my post. Ah well. F*ck it. I might buy it again on Steam. We'll see.

Holy sh*t. You're doing pretty well for a one-man-team. Would you still be open to allowing user created mods? It could really expand this game.  While there might not be a lot of AI interaction, it's still a bit like a SimWorld type of game.

What do you mean "bring your own objects"? Can I import sh*t form outside into Flow and use those as models?

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You could always ask itch for a refund lol, but that would be amazing, as every sale on steam helps to get it to the front page, where im sure it will sell on its own.

Im open to anything, as i have added a ton of user requests since launching here, but requests get added based on time to implement and if it actually makes sense for the time invested.

You can import obj models, click the ? icon, it has some guidelines, but if you get stuck, as many models from the web are not set up properly, head over to our discord for help. The link is stickied at the top of this community

many thanks for supporting!

and Winter will be available on launch