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I think this game is interesting and Good game. but 3rd Person viewpoint hell.
That make Motion Sickness to me. And I try to camera angle to FPS. but I can't see under. or It is hidden from the head and is invisible. So, if this game has First person viewpoint. That is God Game. JUST my opinions. Anyways, Have a good week and Happy New Year! (Next Week)

Thank you for your feedback! I will try to improve the camera soon.

You can press c in a battle to change the view to first person.

I wish you good week and a happy new year, too.

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Oh! Really? I try to press 'C' key.
Anyway, Thanks to listen my story. :D

p.s because, I can't fine input (edit) list in there.
and I'll wait better than carmera Angle : )

ah.. I want to see 'Reloading' message bottom line when I play range types weapon. Because, I can't see clearly on top.
or option check to see top or bottom or etc...

If hit enermy show effect plz [Range weapons]