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Oh, was the server (west) Europe?  Then, I understand.
Because, I play FPS games Europe / USA / Asia (Servers) is not able to play because Europe is high. Ping goes over 300.
The United States Server sometimes drops below the Ping 300 if the internet condition is okay.

Do you have a lot of zombies versus the number of people, so it takes a lag?
There are four users on the server. But there are 960 zombies ..

It is a second hit, and though it is a No-PVP option, it dies to the PVP user.
(They Play like this.. :P
Normally, should only the user using the PVP option be able to attack?
(PvP User vs PvP users fight!  Or this game could already but I have made a mistake ...)

And there are a lot of hard mobs near the entrance of the city, so the efficiency of bullets is not good. It would be nice if you were a little behind.
(Of course, I use guns first, so it is a trap that mob damage is not done because melee skill is low. :P)

Or security guards do not work. At least if zombies try to get inside the city, city guard can either kill them, or work if guard have a higher level of zombies or hard zombies than user's level ..

(W, A, S, D) movements are good, but the disadvantages are that they are slow to respond or they are difficult to escape if i hit them. Personally, I want the ability to change the right-click and left-click movements of an option. Unconsciously, I hitting the NPC is the case .. ;; or just move to that direction (mouse cursor) while I hold down the mouse button.  And as a personal feeling, the character feels as if something heavy is moving around on the move.

If the disadvantages are well secured, however, this game is likely to be a Good Game.
Anyway, you are hard to develop, but have a good day / week / weekend~  : D

I want to skip first game story Text.
So i try to type keyboard with clicking mouse but nothing.. so I close and delete
[I think this game good. but I don't like this type. some recently game show to much long story and no skips. so That make to boring..]

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Oh! Really? I try to press 'C' key.
Anyway, Thanks to listen my story. :D

p.s because, I can't fine input (edit) list in there.
and I'll wait better than carmera Angle : )

ah.. I want to see 'Reloading' message bottom line when I play range types weapon. Because, I can't see clearly on top.
or option check to see top or bottom or etc...

If hit enermy show effect plz [Range weapons]

if not multiplayer can you make trap for shark. I can catch shark but I busy to when Make a big building. :P
Anyway, I like this game :D

I think this game is interesting and Good game. but 3rd Person viewpoint hell.
That make Motion Sickness to me. And I try to camera angle to FPS. but I can't see under. or It is hidden from the head and is invisible. So, if this game has First person viewpoint. That is God Game. JUST my opinions. Anyways, Have a good week and Happy New Year! (Next Week)

I want to see 'Respawn Time's count down'. [Of cause, I'm setting my self. but I want know How many left time] This map is not minimap just map.
so can you make small minmap on Top - Left or Top - Right?

And This chractor can shoot behind a stairs

I can shoot only export out of the muzzle.
[Of course, the difficulty of the challenge AI 100. curiosity, but I just caught like 15 seconds thanks to the responder. Ha Ha Hat hat hat;;;;]