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I want to skip first game story Text.
So i try to type keyboard with clicking mouse but nothing.. so I close and delete
[I think this game good. but I don't like this type. some recently game show to much long story and no skips. so That make to boring..]

Created a new topic Nice Game
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I'll wait for next Tech (Iron) with Water system.
I try to drink water on river(?) [Press 'E'].

if play online, the bed only save a spawn point to 1 user or more?

I want to similar to Rust Construct Paper system because, I want safe back attack about wolf.

and I need to map paper..;; my house is low ground. so I'm farming or hunting to follow animal at night.

I can't find my house T-T..
of course, Not yet Fat item. so not make a Torch.

Anyways, Really nice game for me.

I thinks late to say.

Developer, Happy New Year!

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Oh! Really? I try to press 'C' key.
Anyway, Thanks to listen my story. :D

p.s because, I can't fine input (edit) list in there.
and I'll wait better than carmera Angle : )

ah.. I want to see 'Reloading' message bottom line when I play range types weapon. Because, I can't see clearly on top.
or option check to see top or bottom or etc...

If hit enermy show effect plz [Range weapons]

Posted in Raft comments

if not multiplayer can you make trap for shark. I can catch shark but I busy to when Make a big building. :P
Anyway, I like this game :D

I think this game is interesting and Good game. but 3rd Person viewpoint hell.
That make Motion Sickness to me. And I try to camera angle to FPS. but I can't see under. or It is hidden from the head and is invisible. So, if this game has First person viewpoint. That is God Game. JUST my opinions. Anyways, Have a good week and Happy New Year! (Next Week)

I want to see 'Respawn Time's count down'. [Of cause, I'm setting my self. but I want know How many left time] This map is not minimap just map.
so can you make small minmap on Top - Left or Top - Right?

And This chractor can shoot behind a stairs

I can shoot only export out of the muzzle.
[Of course, the difficulty of the challenge AI 100. curiosity, but I just caught like 15 seconds thanks to the responder. Ha Ha Hat hat hat;;;;]