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Hi somepx! I'm interested in this one.
Could you make me a list of all the 11 languages it supports? Just so I can be specific in listing the languages my project will support.
Also, when will the 45% off sale end?

Hi there - the languages are listed on the page: English + French + Italian + German + Spanish + Portuguese + Russian + Danish + Swedish + Norwegian + Icelandic.

I can add support for more languages on request if needed.

The sale ends in roughly 3 days.

Thanks for the quick reply! I apologize, I didn't know "EFIGS" stands for those first 5 languages you mentioned above.

I bought the font just now. I feel like it is perfect for my game art style. Thank you.

Regarding support for more languages, yeah, I would like make a request for a few more languages, if that is ok. 

Would you like me to lay them out here or would you prefer to chat somewhere else?

You can contact me on Discord if you want, I'm "somepx" there too!

Cool. Sent a friend request!