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We got a humble score of around 218, and earned a very tired pointer finger for our troubles. The interactions are cute, and  you have to be quick to figure out a way to handle the Elementals. A few things do feel a little too much out of our control, though. Fire enemies will often charge near the ice, and water enemies can be very difficult to push in to the right area. We're not sure how we'd make it easier to do so, but it's a little funky.

The music loop and general feel of the game were good, well done in that area!

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We appreciate your review and sharing your thoughts about the polishing of the game. Since this was our first game jam, we've underestimated the effort to make this little game a lot. With a little more time we could have done a better balancing, thats something we need to learn for the next game jam: to finish the basics earlier and cutting scope.
Awesome you've enjoyed our selfmade music and the feel of the game overall. That's so exciting to hear!