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There's a lot of great things going on here! The elevator-takers' sprites are delightful and varied, the sounds flow really well, and letting the elevator take a long ride to the bottom is satisfying in a bizarre way. This was a genuinely fun and complete jam game; feels like no amount of more development time would have improved on this lovely design. Our only complaint is that it's easy to forget what someone's floor is, or for their bubble to be covered by another person's, and there's no way to re-query. Perhaps you should be able to ask again?

Playing it has also given us a small insight; definitely want a shareable grade, or discussion hook, in our future jam games. We got a 77/100 on our first run, 86/100 on the second!

A lot of people thinks that its hard to keep track of destinations. We will keep that in mind if we do a post-jam update.

Thank you for playing and your feedback!