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Hi! For whatever reason, I can't redownload the game PDF from itch as it tells me nothing is available for download. 

Not sure if this is an itch-side error or something is up with the project page (obviously, I know the KS is ongoing) - but it would be great if it could be sorted.

(Also, good luck with the KS! Backed it for the super cool-looking book mockup.)

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oh, that's unfortunate! I intended to make the game unavailable for purchase now that the new version + quickstarts are on the way, but I didn't realize that would also stop previous buyers from redownloading their copies. Let me see if I can fix that!

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Okay, I've put in a silly stopgap solution for now—the game is relisted at a "please don't buy this" price, which means you should be able to redownload your files. Let me know if this works, and thanks so much for backing!

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I can confirm I can redownload the files now, thanks!