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Another minor update—fixed lots of typos and ambiguity. That should be the worst of them dealt with.

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Okay, I've put in a silly stopgap solution for now—the game is relisted at a "please don't buy this" price, which means you should be able to redownload your files. Let me know if this works, and thanks so much for backing!

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oh, that's unfortunate! I intended to make the game unavailable for purchase now that the new version + quickstarts are on the way, but I didn't realize that would also stop previous buyers from redownloading their copies. Let me see if I can fix that!

This is such a sick spotlight! thank you so much again for doing it! <3

Uploaded a new version with some minor errata—fixed some of the weapon tables having the wrong values and some outdated page number references.

I’ll be posting a “quickstart” version of the game that has most of the updated rules in a stripped-down format at some point, which will be free for everyone.

Good catch, thank you! Fixed.

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That's super awesome to hear! <3 I bet your character rules and I hope both you and them have a blast in your game!

thanks so much for the praise and support!! TOC and some gm examples have been frequently requested and are definitely planned <3

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20 CCs just refreshed, disperse away! Thank you so much, I'm really glad you like the game and hope the others you share it with will too!

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ah, i'm really glad to hear you've been enjoying the game! thank you for the kind words--hearing other people are actually enjoying this thing i've put out into the world is a big part of why i do this in the first place

WHOOPS lol, ty again. should be fixed for real now!

good catch, fixed!

mood/thematic inspiration playlists coming soon! for now, here's a song that feels super emblematic of the game to me:

thanks so much!

First off, this looks extremely rad and I'm excited to check it out. Secondly, I love the tag icons you have at the top of the page (Solo, Lethal, etc.)—is there a master reference of those available somewhere, or were they created bespoke for this project?

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Hey, just wanted to let you know that CCs have just refreshed!

Yes! There will be two more waves of CCs as the game clears more purchase milestones, and we're very close (<10 purchases) to hitting one soon, so stay tuned!

high praise! thank you so much, I hope they enjoy it too!

Oh, do tell me how it goes! Really excited to see it playtested in the wild!

Thank you so much for the in-depth review! I'm delighted you liked the game so much, and really appreciate you taking the time to lay out why.