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I can confirm I can redownload the files now, thanks!

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Hi! For whatever reason, I can't redownload the game PDF from itch as it tells me nothing is available for download. 

Not sure if this is an itch-side error or something is up with the project page (obviously, I know the KS is ongoing) - but it would be great if it could be sorted.

(Also, good luck with the KS! Backed it for the super cool-looking book mockup.)

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Congrats on the 1E release milestone!

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Love this - especially the Song mechanics. The only downside is now I want to rewatch Symphogear, and I don't have time for five seasons of anything right now. :)

Couple of bits that feel like they're missing from the book off the top of my head:
- you mention a map is recommended; a few pages on drawing (zone-based?) maps would be a good thing to include.
- a page or two of advice on which hymnal type/song combos go well together would be great for new players.

As a side note - have you considered having a set list of advances for each hymnal type? i.e. just ordering the basic upgrades in slightly different ways for each class (and having the different types have the ability to take different upgrades twice or not at all). 

These are great! The Advocate and Revenant are both rad, and I love that the Icon is simultaneously a Macross idol and the Bard stand-in.

The Commander is also very cool and fills a niche our table was looking for - our carrier is a converted aircraft carrier with a fighter wing still on-board and we wanted a way to represent that in sorties!