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First of all, sorry for my broken english. But I just need to talk about this VN, really.

I don't know how to start this. Oh god.

It's one month since I finished this game and I still in love like in the first day I played.

I love the MC. She is amazing. She's so different from all the other MCs I have seen, and, not bragging but, I've seen a lot. I would dump all the guys to date her. Kidding. Or not.

At first, I loved Mr. Wolf. It was love at first sight. HE IS JUST SO CUTE. I couldn't get his good ending at first, I got the general one, but i enjoyed. I played again, which is amazing, because I've played so many VNs and I am always lazy to do another route. But Halloween Otome made me want to never finish this game.

I played his and loved so much. I loved him even more.

He's caring, lovely and it's so fun to see his fluestered face. He's my favorite tipe of otome character. I was smiling all the time and so happy I could cry. And he SINGING, dear lord.

Then, I played Mr. Bandages route. He's harsh and rude at first, but in the middle of the general route, I started to love him too. He's so funny. I laughed so much during his route. The end is so lovely. I still don't know if I loved his or Mr. Wolf route more.

THEN, I was like "I like The Count, but I can't see him as a love interest. I don't want to play his route". Two hours and I was dying to play Halloween Otome a little more.

I played The Count's route.


It's my favorite. I love him. THE PLOT TWIST. He's so unique and well writen. It's probably because my english is really bad but I lack the words to express how much I love him. I did a really good choice by playing his path last. In the middle of it, I was thinking that Valdemar was his brother haha.

This is really the best Otome Game ever. Thank you so much for this.


Thank you for taking the time to comment. There's no need to apologise for your English.

We're happy to hear that you loved all of the characters enough to replay the game. If you haven't already, you can always check out the Fan Book for more Halloween Otome goodness.