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First of all, sorry for my broken english. But I just need to talk about this VN, really.

I don't know how to start this. Oh god.

It's one month since I finished this game and I still in love like in the first day I played.

I love the MC. She is amazing. She's so different from all the other MCs I have seen, and, not bragging but, I've seen a lot. I would dump all the guys to date her. Kidding. Or not.

At first, I loved Mr. Wolf. It was love at first sight. HE IS JUST SO CUTE. I couldn't get his good ending at first, I got the general one, but i enjoyed. I played again, which is amazing, because I've played so many VNs and I am always lazy to do another route. But Halloween Otome made me want to never finish this game.

I played his and loved so much. I loved him even more.

He's caring, lovely and it's so fun to see his fluestered face. He's my favorite tipe of otome character. I was smiling all the time and so happy I could cry. And he SINGING, dear lord.

Then, I played Mr. Bandages route. He's harsh and rude at first, but in the middle of the general route, I started to love him too. He's so funny. I laughed so much during his route. The end is so lovely. I still don't know if I loved his or Mr. Wolf route more.

THEN, I was like "I like The Count, but I can't see him as a love interest. I don't want to play his route". Two hours and I was dying to play Halloween Otome a little more.

I played The Count's route.


It's my favorite. I love him. THE PLOT TWIST. He's so unique and well writen. It's probably because my english is really bad but I lack the words to express how much I love him. I did a really good choice by playing his path last. In the middle of it, I was thinking that Valdemar was his brother haha.

This is really the best Otome Game ever. Thank you so much for this.