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Got to wave 9, then tried again and got to level 11. It was really really fun, and I am definitely going to try to push that even more. I think that maybe having the guns spawn unrandomly (make the next one be less likely to be the same as the one you just spawned, for example) might be nice, so that you wouldn't be stuck with only pistols for some time and maybe die, just because of bad luck. It may sound strange, but it really helps sometimes. I died on my first try because of that. Anyway, I don't want to spoil receiving a comment, but I got here through the post about the secret of getting people to play and rate you game, so if you want...

Lol. Sorry.

Thanks for the in depth feedback. You are true the RNGesus can really be an asshole, but that was easy to implement and adds a nice touch. I considered changing to a deck of cards randomization, but the time limit... Will add this to the future ideas tho.

And I will check out your game too. Please don't forget to rate it. Maybe you already did.


I did rate it.

Ok, I'm just afraid to miss out on ratings if people write a comment on the game page instead of the rating page :D

Btw. had a quick look at your game page. I have to say the idea is really nice and I'm looking forward to playing it.


Thanks :). Sorry for plugging it like that...

And don't forget to rate it.