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Goals...for now.

  1. Work with menus. I have no idea how to make menus as I am now, so this is a great time to learn. Menus are really important aspects of a game for me (especially with 3d games), so. I want to make some.
    • Specifically, instead of a game I think just making the scene involving the bringing up of a menu/ menus might be worth two weeks, heh. A menu prototype.
    • Options to leave the menu, to buy, sell, those things. I want to make a menu for a shop/ shops you will most likely have to enter.
    • I really want to add a cute chain link option when you buy things at the store. But. Just thinking about that code tho. I have made small mathy systems before in c++ and it can cause tears, ah any other coding format ahhH
  2. Along with the menus comes the scene so I want a nice scene. The inside of a store.
  3. Actually have something to show!! Learn how to upload a game bc how the hell. This is another thing I have been looking up.

I am the type that just. Does not make concept works but if I want at least something to show for it I know I should, I know I should... I might make some of those devlogs to keep me faithful. And to get help.

Inspiration: The brief store scenes I saw in the Persona 5 previews, and. Devil Summoner 2, Baten Kaitos Origins (god) & Baroque.


Also, maybe this should be made sticky?

you got it!! :3c stickied!