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Best part about the game was lining enemies up for using the sword and laser :)

Currently my highest wave is 7. Definitely going to play more. Well done man.

Yeah, the laser is also really nice for the start of the wave because enemies are lined up already :D

7 is ok, but I think you can do better ;) Consider downloading the game for better performance. Maybe try playing with a controller (Press Esc/P to change controller type). But you will not have aim-assist for controller. Damn you limited time.

And I love hearing that you will play more. That means we did a great job, because most of the games will only be played onces and then forgotten.

Will do man. Will do ;)

P.S Yeah, time constraints are rather annoying XD

If the game gets a good rank, we will continue working on it and then we have enough time to add all the awesome ideas we have in mind :D