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Wonder if problem is Mac or VM.

I noticed in the your demo room when compiling on Mac with VM that similar outline problem on some of the objects in dark. Similarly improved by upping the bloom, but not completly.

Hard to see on picture. This is the outline of circle with grill near the helmet.

Will see if I can get YYC working on my machine but has been tricky. Otherwise, will see if can get hold of a Windows computer to test.

Not sure if you have other Mac users? Or if can indicate if supported?

PS: Mac point, but in your demo, the le_navigate Create event needs to add a check for os_type == os_macosx. Otherwise defaults to gamepad and can't move/interact.

YYC will not change anything with the graphics API.

It may be an issue with the tilemap culling.  YYG recently fixed something internally and now tilemaps are culled correctly according to the camera.  When the normal maps and materials made with tiles are drawn there is no camera applied.

Do you have normal maps and materials set for your tiles?

Ahh. OK.

No normal maps or materials. Just plain tiles. I’ll try creating some and adding in to see if makes difference.

is there earlier version of GameMaker you’d recommend? I can see I can download all previous versions here:

Without normal maps and materials there is information missing in how things are rendered.  This is a PBR lighting solution after all.

If you were to use an earlier version then anything around March 2023 or earlier should be when the last Eclipse update was.  

I will release a fix soon I think so that the issue with camera culling tiles is fixed.  I need to replicate it locally first however.

Main problem was definitely the runtime version. In fact, I now realise it wasn't rendering any normal maps in the latest runtime, even in your example room.

Rolled back runtime to March (used same IDE as OS X flags the earlier IDEs as mlaware) and normal maps all work well. Added my own normal maps and works on those too.

Still having same issue with the object outlines, although not as extreme now. I think part of problem is I'm going for a pitch black image (horror game!). 

If add a bit of ambient isn't so noticeable. Even if 0.01 ambient. But would prefer possible to go pitch black outside of light radius. (Though still got problem with outline if I cover up with a shadow.) Is there a way to make a hard cutoff? 

Think problem is lighting up of alpha in far distance, even if occluded.

Anyway, thanks for the quick replies. Really appreciated. I should emphasise that clearly works well for most cases. Just bit of an edge case, and me being a real novice. Thanks again.

I'll need to get the newest GM version and see what needs updated in Eclipse to match it then.

I just updated Eclipse with the fix for culled tiles that YYG had added.  You can upgrade to the newest GM runtime.